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Heron Open Chipstead Sailing Club


The day was overcast with a forecast of drizzle and light winds.

In the event 9 Herons took to the water with 16 Comets. The wind was from the south west with just enough to move the boats and the first race was using only half the lake. The Comets started just as the wind increased and got away cleanly. At the start of the Herons Peter Moulton was over the line and had to return. Daniel Fox was first away cleanly followed by Leslie Dutton. At the first mark Leslie Dutton rounded first, followed by Dan Fox and then James Russ. At the 4th mark the order was Dutton, Fox, Russ, Matt Picket, Moulton and Jon Hunt, Robert Goldsmith. The wind faded away and the boats drifted along. Some private wind was gifted to one or two boats and at the end of the ist race the order was Picket, Moulton, Dutton and Russ.

After lunch it was decided to use the whole lake as the wind had filled in somewhat coming now from the South with a bit of East. Dutton was first over the line followed by Picket. However after all boats were away the wind died completely. The fleet split with half on the South side of the lake and the rest on the North. Those on the North gathered a slight breeze (barely discernible) and went into the lead at the East end of the lake. There was a bit of a procession thereafter and the course was shortened after 45 minutes and one lap. Picket first, then Fox, Dutton, Moulton, and Hunt.

For the third race the wind had steadied to East by South East and at the start a grim drizzle descended on the lake. However 7 boats took to the water. First away was Russ followed by Fox, Picket and Dutton. The first mark was rounded by Picket followed by Fox and Dutton, Hunt and Russ. Hunt touched the mark and did a turn, shortly thereafter the wind dropped away and what little of it there was came from the South. The boats crept up the lake and as the boats reached the last mark the positions had changed with Hunt creeping up to Fox. However at the finish it was Picket first. 8 minutes later, Fox, Hunt, Moulton and Russ.


Position Sail No Helm Crew 1st Race 2nd Race 3rd Race

1 9812 Matt Picket S/H 1 1 1

2 8428 Daniel Fox Amy Jewel 5 2 2

3 10019 Peter Moulton Gill Goldsmith 2 S/H 4 S/H 4 D/H

4 9338 Leslie Dutton Simon Pratt 3 3 6

5 7 Jon Hunt Verna Hunt 6 5 3

6 10089 James Russ Suzy Woof 4 6 5

7 8178 Richard Clarke Elaine Clarke 8 8 DNS

8 8432 Robert Goldsmith Gill Goldsmith 7 RTD DNS

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