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Buying a HeronMemem



You can purchase a brand new Heron in FRP or composite from Butler Boats. Please contact them directly for more information.




The Heron Dinghy always had home building in mind. If you are interesting in building your own and many people with a garage, some spare time and a will to succeed do. You can purchase the plans directly from us at the association. If you do wish to set off on your own build adventure, you will also get one year’s Heron Association Membership and we will issue you with your own sail number. The Heron Association members will also be able to help you with any technical advice. If this of interest please use the contact us page. The link below also provides guidance on what your build options are. 

Building a Heron Download

Heron Rigs Download

Heron Tech Book



Like many Dinghies, you will see second hand Herons come up quite regularly on popular market/bidding websites (you know who we mean) and dedicated second hand boat websites. This is often a good way into Heron Sailing and boats in good/reasonable condition can be purchased cost effectively.  We also list boats for sale here.

Heron 211 Click here for more information. 

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