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Charles Todd
Nov 23, 2021
In General Discussions
Hello, All. I have a wooden Heron (10082) and I would like to know if fellow sailors have any experience of mast head floats. I am aware that a mhf can prevent inversion in the event of a capsize. I have also read that they can result in a dinghy being pushed away from an overboard sailor in strong winds. I sail on my club lake (Whitefriars SC, Ashton Keynes). I also sail on my own quite a lot (I know that's controversial for some) and would not like to have to right an inverted boat, even though the technique to do so is familiar to me. What is the consensus; are mhfs a good idea or a bad one? Any advice would be most appreciated. Also, I would like to be able to reef my Gunter rig and I think I need a strop to do it. Is there a strop manufactured in the UK for the purpose? Again, any advice would be welcome. Thank you.